The John Report: The WWE Raw Deal 06/08/15

December 14, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Live from New Orleans, Louisiana this is the Raw Deal for episode #1149. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. I figured the Ambrose banner idea would be a good idea, so I asked my graphics buddy Melo Man to toss in Eddie Guerrero in the background since he made lying, cheating and stealing fun.

There was no video or intro to the show. Instead, it was John Cena running out to the ring to a mixed reaction like usual. The announce team is Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield and Byron Saxton since Booker T is off for Tough Enough duties.

Cena had a nose injury from a live event on the weekend and he mentioned it on his way to the ring. Cena started off by saying “the champ is here.” He spoke about opportunities and how Sunday at Money in the Bank there will be superstars that will have an opportunity. Cena said that this Sunday Kevin Owens can prove if Cena’s time is really up. He tried to work up the crowd some more saying that even the people that chant “Cena sucks” know they should bet on him. He said that he’s the standard bearer, he’s the face that runs this place and he is John Cena.

Kevin Owens showed up on the ramp with a promo. He called Cena delusional if he thinks he’s going to beat Owens at Money in the Bank. Owens said that Cena’s also delusional if he thinks people want to see him come out at the beginning of Raw to issue an open challenge since Cena’s been coming out to open Raw for 10 years and maybe the people want something different. Owens suggested a NXT Title open challenge.

Cena said it’s a great idea because it would be the first NXT Title match on Raw. He said he accepts. Owens told him they’re not going to do that because they’re going to fight on Sunday. Cena said that when he has an open challenge that goes for anybody. Here comes Cena sucking up to the crowd by mentioning the 504 New Orleans area code and said New Orleans is the place to be while Cena is the man to beat. He told Owens that the US Title open challenge starts now.

Owens said that he’s going to ignore all of that and suggested that the next superstar that walks down the aisle can choose what title they want to fight for.

Neville walked out to answer the double open challenge. He brought a microphone into the ring. Neville said he’s fought Cena before and wants to again, but then he turned his attention to Owens. Neville told Owens he’s not worthy of being NXT Champion, so Neville said he’s there to beat Owens for the NXT Championship. That match is after the break.

Analysis: It was still a 13 minute promo segment to open Raw, but at least it was better than usual because it wasn’t The Authority doing the same sort of promo we get every week. Cena’s promo was the same old thing, so it’s nice to see Owens getting in his face to question some of the things he says. Neville is a logical challenger for Owens as well. It’s the first time the NXT Title will be defended on Raw.


Cena joined the announce team for commentary on this match, which is pretty rare for him. The participants got in-ring intros after the break.

NXT Title: Kevin Owens vs. Neville

Owens bailed to the floor early, so Neville attacked him aggressively and Neville hit a dive over the top with a twist on it to take out Owens. Owens made a comeback that included a clothesline as well as a cannonball dive in the corner. Owens gave Neville a suplex onto the top rope slingshot style. Cena said that Owens shocked him at EC, but now he’s got a better understanding of what Owens can do. Owens applied a chinlock on Neville while Cena told a story about how what Owens did before WWE doesn’t matter as much because it’s what you do in WWE that counts. It was Cena’s way of saying Owens had to prove himself. Owens did a gutbuster and a senton splash for a two count. Owens continued the aggressiveness by tossing Neville to the floor for the vintage floor to commercial break.


When Neville tried a comeback, Owens caught him and then Neville turned it into a DDT. That was pretty sweet. Owens hit an elbow, but when he went for a charge into the ropes, Neville ducked and Owens went to the floor. Neville hit a moonsault off the top to the floor although he only hit the arm of Owens because he jumped too far or Owens had to a step back a bit more. Back in the ring, Neville hit a missile dropkick for two. Owens came back with a move where he cradled Neville for a suplex and then drove him into the knee for a two count. Neville avoided an attack, sent Owens into the ropes and hit a release German suplex. Neville hit a bridging German suplex although it’s not a traditional version of the move because he’s just placing him down for the pin. It’s still impressive as a deadlift move. Neville hit a kick to the head to knock Owens down. The crowd went wild as Neville went up top, but Owens moved. Neville jumped, then nailed a standing side kick. Another kick by Neville put Owens down. Owens got back up, tripped up Neville while he was on the top rope. Owens tossed Neville into the ropes and then hit a Popup Powerbomb for the pinfall win after 15 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Kevin Owens

Analysis: ***1/2 It was a very competitive match that had some pretty good nearfalls and they did a good job of making it look like Neville had a legit shot to win. He tried for the Red Arrow finisher three times, but Owens found ways to avoid getting hit by it, so Owens managed to nail his Popup Powerbomb for the clean win. Good way of setting up the finish. That’s what we want to see on Raw – matches that actually get time and where both guys look good. It’s not always about the wins or losses. It’s about guys getting a chance to show what they can do. That’s why they need to have 15 minute matches two or three times on every Raw every week.

Following the match, Owens held up his NXT Title while Cena was at ringside applauded him. Cena held up his US Title. Owens invited him into the ring, Cena went in there and then Owens walked out.

A video package aired focusing on the Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose story with Ambrose stealing the WWE Title that belongs to Rollins.

They showed some photos of Dean Ambrose on WWE’s Instagram with him holding the WWE Title with people in New Orleans.

Analysis: I loved New Orleans last year and want to go back.


They mentioned that they have reached 500 million social media followers. They are proud of themselves. We know.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were in their office when WWE Champion Seth Rollins showed up to complain about Ambrose stealing the WWE Title. Rollins sucked up to them, so they said that they don’t need his help. Stephanie said they’ll be there to watch his match on Sunday because they know he can win. Hunter told Rollins that they are going to let him pick his opponent. Rollins thanked them for the confidence they have in him. Rollins said he won’t let them down, so Hunter said they’re banking on it.

Analysis: Way to get that “bank” reference in there, Hunter. He’s a clever guy.

There was a replay of Paige losing the Divas Title match last Monday on Raw and then on Smackdown Paige said that she’s going to try to change things.

The Divas Champion Nikki Bella was interviewed by Renee Young. Nikki said she feels sorry for Paige because she’s naive and think things should be handed to her. Nikki talked about facing Summer Rae on Raw. She also added that Paige will face her at Money in the Bank for the Divas Title while saying that Paige says this is her house, but she’s living in the Bella Twins world.

Analysis: A decent promo by Nikki, who apparently is a heel again after last week. It’s hard to keep track. It was better than her usual promos where it looks like she struggles to remember her lines and is unnatural. I don’t want to say it was great, but it was fine. I have no problem with Nikki in the ring because she’s improved a lot – it’s her promos that are weak.

Summer Rae entered for a match. I can’t even remember the last time she had a match on Raw.


Nikki Bella vs. Summer Rae

This is non-title. Nikki did a slam and then did push-ups. Summer hit a boot to the face and then a clothesline for two. Summer had a headlock followed by a standing side kick for two. Paige was watching backstage while wearing her ring gear because we live in a world where people wear ring gear when they don’t have a match. Nikki nailed Summer with a hard kick to the face. Nikki hit the Rack Attack for the win in two minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Nikki Bella

Analysis: 3/4* The crowd had no idea who to cheer and boo. I’m the same way and I write about every show. Earlier on Twitter I made a joke that the Ambrose/Rollins video package would be longer than the divas match. Looks like I got that right.

We get recaps of Roman Reigns winning three matches last week. He’s up next at the top of hour two.


There was a shot of Bourbon Street in New Orleans and then a picture of Dean Ambrose with a pink saxophone and the WWE Title on his shoulder.

Analysis: If they really wanted Ambrose to give the title back why not actually book him in a match? Crazy thought, I know.

Roman Reigns entered the ring. He stared up at the Money in the Bank briefcase saying that he used to hate the briefcase, but it’s not so bad now because it’s not connected to the biggest jackass in history – Seth Rollins. Reigns said he’s going to go through six superstars and take that contract. He said he’s going to cash in on the main that’s going to have the WWE Title on Sunday…Dean Ambrose.

Kane walked down to the ring. He said The Authority put him in the match to win the Money in the Bank and that’s what he’s going to do. Reigns suggested he come into the ring so he can show New Orleans how to break jaws.

Dolph Ziggler entered the ring for a promo saying Kane is the greatest tool of The Authority after making some hardware reference. He kept on calling him a tool. These jokes sucked. Ziggler said he’s got a set at The Comedy Store, he’s got a smoking hot Russian lady by his side and he’s going to win Money in the Bank like he’s done before. Kane spoke about how tools can be used in sadistic ways and to remember who he’s talking to.

R-Truth showed up for the promo party to say “What’s Up” to everybody. He spoke about how at WrestleMania he conquered his fear of these ladders. Kane wondered what he was doing out there and then he told him he’s not even in the match. Truth was confused. Truth just said my bad and left. The crowd laughed and so did I. That was pretty funny. Kane tried to talk again, but here comes The New Day.

The New Day trio of Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods showed up with their tag team titles. Kingston talked about how he’s got the power of positivity and when he becomes Mr. Money in the Bank it means they all become Mr. MITB because “new day rocks” so of course the crowd chanted “new day sucks.”

When Kane tried to talk again, Sheamus’ music started up. He did a promo about how he beat up Randy Orton around the ring last Monday on Raw. He said that when he wins on Sunday he’s going to be one Brogue Kick away from being WWE World Heavyweight Champion once again.

Kane wondered if there was anybody else as he mentioned Neville and Randy Orton. No sign of Neville because he had a match, but here comes Orton. A very nice ovation for Orton. He’s not going to talk, so here’s a commercial.

Analysis: I laughed at the R-Truth bit. The rest of it was pretty much the usual thing we get when they have multi-man matches where everybody talks about how they are going to win. I love Ziggler, but his promo about tools didn’t really work. I’m sure somebody wrote that and thought it was brilliant. It really wasn’t, though.


Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

Everybody that was ringside left so they could have this match with Orton hitting his modified backbreaker. Outside the ring, Orton whipped Sheamus into the barricade at ringside followed by a clothesline. Back in the ring, they exchanged some power uppercut shots. Orton draped Sheamus neck first on the top rope. Sheamus came back with a back elbow, then a high knee and a clothesline as JBL ripped the awful refs in the NBA game last night, which I would agree with. Sheamus applied an armbar, Orton fought out of it and nailed a dropkick to knock Sheamus down. Orton was on the middle rope, so Sheamus nailed him with a forearm shot to send him to the floor for the vintage floor to commercial break six minutes into the match.


Back from break, Sheamus hit a knee to the ribs and then the chinlock. Sheamus nailed a powerslam for a two count. JBL is picking Neville to win Money in the Bank and Saxton picks Reigns. At least Saxton is right. They exchanged blows in the ring, then Orton nailed some clotheslines and hit the powerslam as the crowd fired up. Orton nailed an overhead T-Bone suplex and then his DDT off the ropes as the crowd went wild. Orton with a clothesline sent Sheamus over the top to the floor. They brawled outside the ring with Sheamus tossing Orton over the announce table. Sheamus wanted to hit Orton with a steel chair, but Orton got the chair and tossed it into the ribs of Sheamus. The referee disqualified Orton after 13 minutes.

Winner by disqualification: Sheamus

Orton had the crazy look in his eyes as he gave Sheamus a back suplex onto the announce table and then tossed him into the steel steps. Orton stepped on his hand. Orton tossed Sheamus into the ring and hit the RKO to a huge ovation. Orton’s music played even though he lost the match because I guess the music guy has a short memory.

Analysis: **1/2 I’m not sure how many Orton/Sheamus matches I’ve reviewed, but it’s happened too many times. I don’t see either man winning MITB, so I assume this is a feud that will continue after MITB, which really doesn’t excite me too much. Their matches just aren’t that entertaining. Orton got the revenge in the post match attack since Sheamus had the advantage last week, so it’s really just WWE doing 50/50 booking where each guy gets the advantage every other week. The crowd really came alive for Orton’s post match attack. The post match was better than the actual match.

More pictures of Dean Ambrose this time riding a mechanical bull while wearing the WWE Title.

Seth Rollins was in the locker room with J&J Security showing up. Noble mentioned what Rollins said about not needing J&J in their corner. Noble said that they had confidence in Rollins and he mentioned that Mercury forgives him. Rollins was fired up saying that he plucked them from obscurity to be his security team. He said that if they weren’t the biggest morons in WWE then maybe Ambrose wouldn’t have his title. Rollins said he never needed either of them. Noble said “screw you” and reminded him that they are The Shield 2.0. Noble said Mercury was like Reigns and Noble was like Ambrose. Noble said that Rollins wouldn’t survive without them. Rollins said he’s going to face Noble & Mercury tonight in a 2 on 1 handicap match. Rollins slapped Noble and Noble slapped back. Mercury finally spoke up to say that they’ve had his back since day one, but tonight they are going to kick his ass. The crowd cheered.

Analysis: A great backstage segment. Mercury finally speaking up popped the crowd.


There was another mention of WWE hitting half a billion social media followers.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane

No intros for either man. Ziggler was on fire early on, but Kane nailed him with an uppercut punch when Ziggler went for a corner splash. The lovely Lana was looking on in the aisle in a pink outfit. Kane overpowered Ziggler with a clothesline in the corner. Kane hit a side suplex for a two count as the announcers mentioned Ziggler cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase in 2013. Fans were chanting “We Want Lana” while Kane pounded on Ziggler in the corner. Kane with a bodyslam for two and then a sidewalk slam for two. Ziggler came back with a leaping DDT for a two count, but then he was nailed with a boot to the face by Kane for two. Break time five minutes into it.


I missed a few minutes back from break. Lucky for me, they showed a replay. Rusev showed up on crutches to get in Lana’s face. Lana slipped on the side of the ramp and went down holding her ankle. Rusev laughed at her. Ziggler was distracted by that, so Kane hit a Chokeslam and won the match after 10 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Kane

Analysis: ** It’s no surprise that Kane got the win because he loses so often that WWE had to give him a victory to put over the idea that he’s some threat to win Money in the Bank. Ziggler isn’t hurt too much by it because it was cheap due to the distraction.

Post match, doctors and referees checked on Lana. Ziggler showed up to see if she was okay, but she was selling it like she was in a lot of pain.

Analysis: This could be a way to write her off TV for a few weeks or a couple of months while Rusev is out with his legit ankle injury.

Noble and Mercury were shown preparing for their match.

Big Show and Ryback on Miz TV is up next.


They showed ten of the Tough Enough hopefuls. They’re picking a final 40 and then narrowing it to a final 13 from there.

The doctor was checking on Lana backstage and Ziggler was with her. The doctor told her to put some ice on it.

Miz TV with Big Show and Ryback

Miz complained about not getting his match against Ryback last week, so here comes Ryback. Ryback said “wake up” and then sat down in one of the chairs in the ring. Fans chanted “Feed Me More” for the IC Champ.

Ryback cut Miz off when he was talking about his resume. Ryback said he wanted to beat up Miz, but he couldn’t do it last week because of Big Show. He talked about how Sandow outperformed him when he was with Miz. That led to Miz saying that Ryback is ugly and he doesn’t know what it’s like to be good looking. Miz said when his hand goes up your mouths go shut (talking to the crowd) while Ryback wanted the crowd to chant “feed me more” so they did. Miz complained about Big Show hitting him in the face last week and how Miz had to see specialists because of it.

Big Show walked down to the ring and sat in the chair beside Ryback. The fans chanted that the chair was going to break, so Show told them it’s not going to break. Show said that Miz was the partner he hated immediately. He spoke about how he knew what Miz was doing as the crowd chanted “what” at him and Show repeated it. Show said that if he wants something, he takes it. Ryback told Miz he’s not going to fight his battles for him. Ryback said he’s not afraid of Big Show and if Show wants his Intercontinental Title it’s right here.

Show mentioned that Ryback has overcome adversity, but Show is a giant. He told Ryback that come Money in the Bank he’s going to beat him. Miz tried to get Ryback going by wondering if Ryback was going to let Show talk to him like that. Miz attacked Show. That stunned Show a bit, then Show shoved Miz over to the top to the floor. Ryback picked up Show and hit Shellshock on him. Ryback celebrated to end the segment.

Analysis: I’m a little surprised that they would give away the Shellshock spot on Raw when the whole point of the match should be that moment where we wonder if Ryback can lift him up. There was a rumor that it was going to be a triple threat with these guys, but apparently it’s just Ryback vs. Big Show for the IC Title. The segment was okay. I’m just not sure if it was smart to have Ryback hit Shellshock. It’s not that big of a deal anyway.

Rollins vs. Noble and Mercury is later. There’s another pic of Ambrose with the WWE Title and he’s about to hitchhike back to the arena.


Luke Harper & Erick Rowan vs. Los Matadores (w/El Torito)

It’s nice to see Harper and Rowan back together on Raw as one of the Matadores hit a dive off the top to take down Rowan. That offense didn’t last long as Rowan hit a double axehandle smash. Here comes Harper, who nails a boot to the face. Rowan tagged in with a splash. Torito was on the apron, so Rowan knocked him off. Fernando tried to tag Diego in, but he was tending to Torito. Harper tagged in and then they hit the 3D for the win that’s apparently called The Way. The match went three minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Harper & Rowan

Post match, they hit the 3D on the other Matadores member. Some fans were chanting for tables. Harper did a promo saying “tick tock” and that the time for paying for your sins is coming. Rowan said it’s okay to be afraid and ended it by saying “you should be.”

Analysis: *1/2 I’m not sure if them using the 3D is being done because WWE wants to bring the Dudley Boys back (I think they should) or if it’s just a way to give them a tag team finishing move that works. I know Bubba Ray Dudley put it over on Twitter a few weeks ago saying it was cool. After Raw, Bubba was complaining about it. My guess is it’s part of an angle to bring back the Dudley Boys, which I’m perfectly fine with.

Seth Rollins was shown getting ready for his match in the locker room. Kane was laughing about Dean Ambrose taking his title all over New Orleans. Kane said that Rollins is in a no win situation because even if Rollins beats Ambrose, Kane will cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase on him. Kane also said the other option is Kane cashes in on Ambrose. I think Kane called himself the future at one point. Rollins came back with a promo about how he’s going to win and then if Kane is MITB winner then he dares him to cash in on him. Kane said he’ll be in J&J’s corner for the match coming up.

Analysis: That was just a segment going over everything we already know with the scenarios.

WWE congratulated themselves for their 500 million social media followers. I think that was their third time this show.


More Tough Enough mentions and then the announcers switched to talking about the movie Ted 2. There was a commercial for Ted 2 showing the PG trailer. The rated R trailer is better if you’re wondering.

Analysis: At least a Ted 2 trailer is better than Sonic shake advertisements.

Titus O’Neil (w/Darren Young) vs. Big E (w/Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)

Woods was yelling about how Big E was the #MinisterOfMass as Big E hit a belly to belly suplex. Big E did an abdominal stretch while also slapping O’Neil to the beat of the “new day rocks” chant. O’Neil came back with some really hard strikes in the corner. O’Neil with a slam, then shoulder tackles and he drove Big E into the corner with shoulder tackles. Running splash in the corner by O’Neil and then a huge running shoulder tackle. Woods went after Young, O’Neil was distracted by that and Kofi on the apron, so Big E capitalized with the Big Ending for the win after three minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Big E

Analysis: *1/4 The numbers game was a factor. Since the Prime Time Players won some matches in the last week, they lost this week because that’s WWE style booking where they trade wins. I thought O’Neil’s offense was pretty good when he was making the comeback because his offense looks great. He’s a power guy that has figured out what moves work for him.

Roman Reigns music started up because he’s against Kofi Kingston, so Reigns entered the ring.


The Money in the Bank Kickoff show is King Barrett vs. R-Truth. At least Barrett can actually win a match.

Roman Reigns vs. Kofi Kingston (w/Big E and Xavier Woods)

It was mentioned that this is their first match. Kingston bailed to the floor to get away from him while his New Day buddies offered advice. Kingston got in a cheap kick after his buddies distracted Reigns. They ran the ropes with Reigns coming back with a clothesline that knocked down Kingston. Reigns with a clothesline that sent Kingston over the top to the floor. Reigns slammed Kingston into the announce table and then hit the running dropkick when Kingston was on the apron. Reigns nailed Woods with a running attack outside the ring, so Kingston hit a running dropkick to knock Reigns down outside the ring. It’s vintage floor to commercial time.


Back from break, Kingston still had control with a dropkick as they showed clips of stuff during the break with Big E hitting a clothesline on Reigns outside the ring. Kingston nailed a double axe handle off the top rope for a two count. Reigns started his comeback with clotheslines in the ring and then a leaping clothesline against the turnbuckle. Reigns hit a powerslam for two. Reigns countered the SOS into a rollup followed by a huge rollup counter into a slam for a two count. Big E on the apron, so Reigns punched him down. Kingston got a rollup with tights for two. Kingston went off the top rope and Reigns hit a Superman Punch leading to the win after 12 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Roman Reigns

Analysis: *** I’m pleasantly surprised that they got 12 minutes because I figured it would only get about half that. I don’t think anybody really believed Kingston was going to win and it’s not like he had some great nearfall or hit his finisher. However, they did it in a way where his buddies helped him enough that it was believable that Kingston had a shot. It’s rare for Reigns to win with a Superman Punch, but I had no problem with it in this instance because he knocked out Kingston when he was flying through the air.

Post match, Reigns had a chair at ringside. Dean Ambrose’s music started up even though they said he bought a ticket to the event. Ambrose had the WWE Title with him.

Rollins was backstage with Hunter and Steph. They told him to go out there for his match. Ambrose was seated in row one after Reigns gave him a chair.

Analysis: Ambrose had to buy a ticket for the show, yet his theme music still gets to play. What a lucky guy. I’m sorry if it’s being too picky, but that’s ridiculous when they’re trying to say that he had to buy his way into the building.


Seth Rollins walked out alone. Noble and Mercury walked out with Kane while Kane’s music played. The match is starting at 11:02pmET.

Seth Rollins vs. Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury (w/Kane)

Rollins started with Mercury and then it was Noble’s turn. Rollins tossed them both outside the ring. Kane distracted the ref, so J&J worked together to nail Rollins with a clothesline that sent him outside the ring. Ambrose dumped some popcorn on Rollins head. Mercury hit an arm drag on Rollins. Rollins ended up getting really aggressive by whipping Mercury into the barricade at ringside. Rollins tossed Mercury into another barricade while Ambrose got in his face. Rollins whipped Mercury hard into the turnbuckle. The crowd was actually chanting for Joey as he got a two count with a rollup. Rollins missed a corner splash, so here’ the hot tag to Jamie Noble.

Noble with the hot tag and he hit forearms on Rollins. Noble nailed a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. When Noble went up top, Rollins tripped him up. Rollins did a suplex, Mercury held his leg and it was nearly a win for Noble. Rollins came back with a kick to the face of Noble. Rollins gave Mercury a Powerbomb into Noble, who was against the turnbuckle. Rollins trash talked Noble. Ambrose showed up at ringside. He tossed the WWE Title in the ring. Rollins grabbed it. Mercury applied the dreaded ROLLUP OF DEATH~! and that was enough for the win after 10 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury

Analysis: ** It was pretty surreal to hear the crowd chanting for J&J, but that’s because the story was built up pretty well throughout the night. Of course they found a way to get the win with the ROLLUP OF DEATH~! because WWE loves that finish.

Post match, J&J left as Kane raised their hands. Dean Ambrose showed up behind Rollin and hit the Dirty Deeds DDT. Ambrose took the title. He posed on a ladder outside the ring while taunting Rollins with it. Raw ended at 11:14pmET.

Analysis: Rollins will retain on Sunday. I strongly believe that. The plan for months has likely been for him to defend against Brock Lesnar and this current storyline is just something to keep Rollins. The fact that he was humiliated on Raw usually means that he’ll get the big win when the title is on the line. I hope he wins it clean without help from anybody because the way Rollins has been booked in the last month has been pretty bad and he could really use a decisive win for a change. I figure that’s what the plan is.

I hate that this show was 3 hours and 14 minutes. They need to end it at 3 hours and 5 minutes if they insist on going over the three hour mark. It’s too damn long.


Three Stars of the Show

1. Kevin Owens

2. Neville

3. (tie) Seth Rollins

3. (tie) J&J Security


The Scoreboard

5 out of 10

Last week: 5

Last 5 Weeks: 5, 4.5, 7.5, 6, 9

2015 Average: 5.68

2015 High: 9 (May 4)

2015 Low: 4 (Feb 9)


Final Thoughts

I’m giving it a 5 out of 10. Same as last week.

– This show dragged big time. Best part was the first 40 minutes with the opening promo followed by the Owens/Neville match. Everything else wasn’t too exciting although Reigns/Kingston was solid.

– I had it pegged as a 4 out of 10, but the main event as well as post match angle was good enough that I felt okay bumping it up to a 5.

– There was a good amount of wrestling with four matches going around ten minutes or more. It’s just some of the matches didn’t click that well.

– I’m not a huge fan of how Rollins has been booked as champion. They should have a strong heel champion. Instead he gets pinned in non-title matches, tag matches, handicap matches and it does way more harm than good. I get why they do it because he’s a cheap heel champ, but fans aren’t going to be that interested in paying for a loser champion. That’s why he needs to beat Ambrose relatively clean on Sunday. Anything else is the wrong finish.

– The build for the Money in the Bank ladder match is very average. Instead of doing individual matches they should have done something where all seven guys were in some sort of tag match and then it turned into a wild brawl because at least that would build up the match. Based on things so far they haven’t even had some of the guys interacting at all.

– The divas angle going into Money in the Bank is pretty weak. Why not have Paige get in Nikki’s face and have them get physical? That’s better than simply having Paige watching the match on a monitor.

– That scripted blunder by R-Truth was one of the funnier moments in WWE this year. He has good comedic timing.

– I’m glad that Brock Lesnar is back in two weeks. This show needs his presence.


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