WWE's Former Head Of Security Says Someone Should Be Fired Over Fan Incidents

December 13, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

WWE’s former head of security Jimmy Noonan recently appeared on the Wrestling Mayhem podcast and said somebody needs to be fired after the recent slew of incidents with fans getting involved at live events.

Over the past several weeks, all 3 former members of The Shield have had brushes with rowdy fans getting out of line:

  • Roman Reigns was hit in the head by Money In The Bank briefcase thrown by a fan at a live event.
  • Dean Ambrose was nearly attacked by a fan who jumped the ringside barrier at the 8/5 Smackdown tapings before getting taken down by security.
  • On the 9/7 edition of WWE RAW, a fan crashed the show and walked to the ring with WWE Champion Seth Rollins during his entrance.

Noonan, who worked for WWE from 1999 to 2007, says he’s actually offended by the way WWE has handled the situation, “It’s getting embarrassing. I’m getting offended by it.” Noonan said. “You don’t get caught three times in one month. If you do, you’re fucking up. Somebody is messing up. Not shitting on WWE security, but somebody is making a mistake.”

Despite the incidents, Noonan doesn’t think WWE will take action against their security team.

“I think somebody should be fired. I think if you’re security and you mess up, you should be fired. Will they? Probably not.” He also said that there’s always a concern that someone who is armed with a knife or other weapon, or a legit fighter, would get in the ring and hurt one of the wrestlers. He said that the biggest fear was during the Austin era since it would do damage to his character if someone jumped in the ring and got the best of Austin.

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