WWE Threatens Legal Action Against Car Rental Company

December 4, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

— According to a Nottingham Post article, WWE has threatened legal action against a small business owner who runs a car and van rental company in Colwick, England.

— WWE alleges that the company “Raw Motors” is violating their intellectual property rights by blatantly copying their logo for the Raw TV show.

— The owner of the company, some guy who goes by the name Big Al, claims the similarities in the logo are purely coincidental, and he said he’s ready to fight WWE – literally – in order to keep using it.

— Al responded to the legal threats by WWE lawyers by actually challenging someone in the company to a wrestling match in the ring, which of course did not go over well with the lawyers:

“This kind of flippant response as set out is extremely disappointing and not constructive.

You and your client should understand the importance of intellectual property rights but making an offer such as this appears to demonstrate otherwise and suggests a lack of respect in contrast to that which our client has accorded to yours.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc, raised a legitimate complaint regarding your client’s adoption of the Logo and a response of this kind clearly indicates that your client is not taking it seriously.”

— WWE has given Raw Motors two months to change their logo but it doesn’t seem like they are going to just go ahead and do it.