WWE Live Event Results (11/10/14) – Bournemouth, England

December 19, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Thanks to rajah.com reader James Rocha for sending this in!

Just came from wwe at Bournemouth in England. Decent, vocal crowd and a
packed arena.


Video from Triple H welcoming us to WWE. Lots of boos.

Adrian Neville retains the NXT championship after beating Sami Zayn with the
450 corkscrew splash. Crowd was behind Neville throughout.

Emma and Natalya go over Layla and Summer Rae. Summer tapped out to the
sharpshooter. Crowd was pretty quiet but popped for Natalya.

Justin Gabriel beats Fandango with a 450 splash off the top rope.

Video from Vince saying sorry for no WWE Network. So many boos.

Ambrose goes over Cesaro in a fantastic match that the crowd ate up. Cesaro
hits a beautiful European uppercut and the big swing, but Dean kicks out and
lands dirty deeds for the 3. He celebrates with the crowd after the win. Good
show for both guys.

Cameron loses to Naomi. Crowd was dead throughout. Naomi hit a couple of
decent moves and there was a pretty funny spot where Cameron gets distracted
by looking at herself in a mirror. The Divas from the previous tag match come
out and hit their finishers, but even that doesn’t pick up the energy levels.
Thankfully next up was…

Gold and Stardust retain the tag titles from the Usos. Nice back and forth.
UK love the Rhodes brothers. Stardust hits his finisher for the win. Usos get
a round of applause for their efforts.

Main event time. Bray Wyatt comes out to a strong ovation, but Y2J blows the
roof off the place. “We want tables” chant while Bray is in control. “You
want tables?” asks Bray. “No.” he says, to many boos. Jericho gets back in
control, sets up a table, and sends Bray through it and follows it up with a
code breaker for the 3. Crowd was loud throughout for both guys. Decent main

Stars of the night: