WWE House Show Results (9/28): Huntsville, Alabama

December 31, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

The following are results from the WWE live event in Huntsville, Alabama. The event was held on Saturday, September 28, 2013.

-Justin Gabriel def. Damien Sandow via Pinfall. Sandow cut a heel promo before and after the match. Gabriel picked up the win via his 450 splash.

-Great Khali def. Jinder Mahal via Pinfall. Khali picked up the win after hitting his big Karate Chop finisher.

-AJ Lee (with Tamina) def. Alicia Fox. Typical Divas match. Good response for AJ coming out.

-Alberto Del Rio cut a promo from backstage to attract more heat when he comes out later in the evening.

-Dolph Ziggler def. Big E. Langston via Pinfall. This was a Fan’s Choice match, with the options being a Street Fight or a Two-Out-Of-Three Falls match. The fans went with Street Fight, which was revealed via a Vickie Guerrero promo. Ziggler got the win after using a lot of weapons, such as steel chairs and kendo sticks. Was said to be a good match for the live crowd.


-The Prime Time Players def. 3MB. Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre represented 3MB in this one, since Mahal worked earlier tonight against Khali. Darren Young and Titus O’Neil got the win here, with O’Neil looking really impressive in spots.

-The Wyatt Family def. The Usos & R-Truth. All three members of the Wyatt’s competed in this one, and they were way over with the fans in Huntsville. In the end, The Wyatt Family was too much for The Usos and Truth.

-Rob Van Dam def. Alberto Del Rio via Disqualification. This match was billed as a World Heavyweight Championship match, but ended via DQ when Del Rio hit Van Dam with a belt-shot. After the match, Damien Sandow attempted to cash-in his Money In The Bank briefcase, but before he could, Van Dam hit him with a big kick and a Five Star Frogsplash to end the show.

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