WWE 205 Live Results (7/2): San Antonio, Texas

November 17, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

The July 2nd, 2019 edition of 205 Live took place at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, TX.

Show opens with Tony Nese, Jack Gallagher, and Oney Lorcan having a conversation backstage. Nese says that this is the most dangerous he’s ever seen current cruiserweight champion Drew Gulak, and they need to be better prepared for their six-man tag main event, where they face Gulak, Ariya Daivari, and Mike Kanellis. Gallagher andn Lorcan both chime in, with Lorcan promising that tonight’s bout will be chaotic.

205 Live song intro.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. Tonight’s show airs from San Antonio, Texas. The Lucha House Party is out for our opening tag contest. Recap of their loss to the Singh Brothers from two weeks ago is played. The following bout is announced as a tornado tag. Singh Brothers are out next carrying their Oscars. Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado will represent the Lucha House Party, with Kalisto remaining on the outside.

Lucha House Party versus Singh Brothers Tornado Tag

Singh Brothers do their signature dance. Metallik and Dorado start a “lucha” chant. All four men begin brawling. Action spills to the outside. Dorado takes out Samir with a clothesline off the barricade. Metalik and Sunil tangle inside the ring…with Metalik dropping Sunil with a very athletic arm-drag, followed by a missile dropkick. Tandem offense by the Lucha House Party onto Samir. Early pinfall…only two. Singh Brothers toss Metalik to the outside and begin double-teaming Dorado. Dorado fights them off and connects with a springboard moonsault for a nearfall. Metalik and Dorado with a wheelbarrow/bulldog combo. On the apron…Metalik catches Samir with an enziguri. He climbs…Sunil pulls Metalik off and he hits the top of the turnbuckles hard. Singh brothers now in control.

Sunil nearly decapitates Dorado with a spinning-heel kick. Samir stomps down Metalik in the corner, with Sunil joining in after. Snapmare from Samir…he slows the pace down with a headlock. Singh Brothers bounce Metalik off the ropes…double-elbow, followed by a duel elbow drop. They set Metalik up…draping knee/superfly splash. Dorado breaks up the pin attempt…Metalik begins a comeback. Reverse sling-blade on Sunil but Samir throws Metalik to ringside. Dorado jumps in…he lays into Samir. Frankensteiner and dropkick in succession. Sunil charges…he eats a dropkick as well. Dorado climbs…crossbody with pin…Sunil just breaks up the pin. He gets dumped out…Dorado with a handspring rewind stunner. Double suicide dive by Metalik and Dorado. Back in the ring…Metalik and Dorado go for a springboard maneuver…the Singh’s hit them with superkicks! Cover…Dorado kicks out. Samir grabs the fake Oscar to use as a weapon…Kalisto stops him…this sets up Metalik and Dorado for an elbow drop and shooting star press. That’ll do it.

Lucha House Party wins by pinfall

Post-match, the commentary team talks about Humberto Carrillo, each commending him for his rise within the 205 Live division. A video package containing Carrillo’s highlights is played, including his work in NXT.

Commercial for tomorrow’s NXT, featuring Roderick Strong versus Tyler Breeze in the main event.

Back from break Mike Kanellis is interviewed about what happened on Raw last night. “Are you emotionally ready to compete tonight,” asks the interviewer. Kanellis says of course he’s not ready to compete after such an emotional evening. He reveals that his wife Maria will not accompany him to ringside because they are not exactly talking right now. He recalls Maria’s hurtful words from Raw, where she called him a disappointment. Kanellis places the blame on General Manager Drake Maverick for failing to give him the opportunities that he deserves. “I swear that Drake is gonna pay for the damage he has done to my family.” He promises to turn things around by winning tonight’s main event.

Jack Gallagher is out first, which means it’s main event time. Oney Lorcan is second, followed by the former champion Tony Nese. For the heels…Mike Kanellis is out without Maria. Ariya Daivari is second, and the champ, Drew Gulak, is last. Here we go.

Jack Gallagher & Oney Lorcan & Tony Nese versus Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari & Mike Kanellis

Nese and Gulak begin. Gulak fakes like he’s going to tie-up with Nese but instead tags in Kanellis. Backstage, Maria Kanellis is watching the match. Gallagher comes in…he and Kanellis tie-up. Wristlock by Kanellis. Gallagher switches into a waistlock. Kanellis gets bounced off the ropes…he runs through Gallagher with a shoulder block. Gallagher tricks Kanellis by cradling into a ball, then takes him down with a pinfall attempt. Lorcan gets tagged in. He goes right after Daivari, who flees. Lorcan takes out his frustration on Kanellis, laying into his chest with huge strikes. Kanellis fires off a few of his own, but Lorcan wins the exchange. Lorcan off the ropes…Kanellis with some misdirection…huge lariat by Kanellis. Daivari tags in and unloads a flurry of fists onto Lorcan. He screams at Lorcan before dropping him with a standing boot. Gulak in…double-suplex onto Lorcan. Gulak with the cover…only two.

Lorcan finally mounts a comeback and manages to tag in Nese. Nese runs through everyone…he hits his signature kip-up superkick spot onto Daivari. Gallagher takes out Kanellis on the outside. Nese goes for a springboard moonsault but Gulak pushes him over the top rope onto the lot. Pace slows down…Gulak uses his superior mat wrestling skills to ground Nese with an armlock. Nese connects with a flying crossbody…Gulak makes him pay with a stiff lariat. Daivari back in. Stomp to Nese’s chest. Triple-team by the heels…Gallagher and Lorcan jump in…brief chaos but the referee regains order. Gulak picks Nese up…Nese slips behind him…pumphandle buster. Lorcan gets the hot tag!

Lorcan runs through everyone with uppercuts. He knocks Kanellis out of the ring…blockbuster to Daivari. Gallaghe picks up Daivari in a fireman’s carry and drops him over the top rope. Tandem offense from Lorcan and Gallagher, including a falling headbutt. Gallagher goes for a superplex…Kanellis pulls him off…everyone ends up on the outside. Tope con hilo from Lorcan, followed by a twisting tope con hilo by Nese. Gallagher reaches under the ring…he reveals his old umbrella. Marry Poppins off the top! Gallagher throws Daivari in…elbow lands! Cover…Gulak makes the save! Lorcan and Daivari fight into the backstage area. Kanellis nearly steals the win after a blind-tag…Nese catches him in the sunset driver…that’ll do it.

Tony Nese & Oney Lorcan & Jack Gallagher win by pinfall

Post-match, Gulak attacks Nese. Lorcan and Daivari return from backstage still brawling, and Gallagher and Kanellis are going at it. Brawl spills all over the arena, including near the commentary table scaring Joseph, McGuinness, and English. “What is going on?!” screams Joseph.

That’s the show friends.