Video: Rusev & Lana Talk About Their Engagement, Wedding Plans

December 12, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Featured above is Michael Cole’s latest weekly sit-down interview, which this week features real-life engaged couple Rusev and Lana.

During the interview Cole brings up Lana not “going all the way” with Dolph Ziggler, which Lana says is true, noting she has always been a “good girl.” She mentioned that her father, a Russian minister, raised her to “save herself for marriage,” which she claims is exactly what she’s doing.

Cole also asks about Rusev “going all the way” with Summer Rae, noting he has a source that claims Rusev wasn’t being honest, as he did “go all the way” with Summer on more than one occasion.

The two talk about their real-life engagement, which is now being used in the current WWE storylines. Lana mentions that she tried not to show it when they were fighting, but she always loved Rusev. Rusev said he loves Lana with all his heart and that he might have done some things wrong in the past, but they’ve talked it over and are moving on.

Finally, Rusev and Lana mention that they will be having two weddings. One will be in September in Bulgaria, and the second one will be a three-day wedding in Russia. Rusev says their American friends are invited, but their ceremony will not be televised and won’t be on the WWE Network.

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