Vampiro Goes On Profanity-Laced Rant About Critics Of Lucha Underground

December 10, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Vampiro took to his official Facebook page to vent some frustrations recently. The former WCW and TNA star wrote a profanity-laced rant accusing critics of being overly negative on the Lucha Underground product.

Vampiro doesn’t name names, but he lets his opinions known. Here’s what he had to say about the haters, dirt sheets, and “jealous motherf***ers”:

Quick note to all the haters and dirt sheets who think you are in the know about @LuchaElRey , you jealous motherf***ers never got it when you had your shots, that’s why your not here ! And that burns you, so, you try to fool everyone that you have the scoops, man, it’s 2016, lol, and you all are still playing infantile head games , doing anything possible to hang on to a little bit of light you never even really had.

I don’t need to name names, that’s not my style, but man, do you people not have a life?


To the fans who support us, we love you big time,

To the people who don’t like our product, we do listen to your comments and try to improve on things , and hopefully we can convince you To be a believer… If it doesn’t work, hey , it’s all good , and thanks for your feed back !

To the haters/legit people who are burned and pissed cause they are not here …

Did you ever stop and think, your not here for a reason?

Either you f***ed up your career somewhere some how,?Maybe you think your more important than you actually are?

Maybe you had a chance and f***ed that up?

Maybe all the here employees are wrong and your right?

The dirt sheets who think there analytical opinion is the bible?

Lol wtf!!!!

My humble opinion is this

The LUCHA underground family/crew are extremely professional, and astonishingly talented.

Full of passion, and completely dedicated.

?There is not one ego outta place

I myself consider it a joy, and a blessing, and A privilege to be part of this project.

All the people who attack us, attack certain individuals and/ in the organization , claim to have inside information, there are two things I need to say to you, and I hope the fans and haters who read this understand that I only have an opinion and that’s all this is I am not speaking on anyone’s behalf, I am only killing time here at a traffic light so I decided to kind of stick up for my company.

The first thing is to the fans good and bad, thank you for everything, I will say it again of course the love means everything to us, but even the negative comments help us think outside the box, so thank you for that.?To all the people who think they belong, or could do a better job, or have so much to say about how bad our product is, I say this to you

Life is too short for me or anyone else in our company to waste one second of our day thinking about your stupidity and your bitterness.

I personally do feel bad for you because each and everyone of you Are not only messed up , Bitter, angry and insecure, but it makes me wonder what kind of people you really are in person, your character for example ….because weather it’s individuals, or in a group, it kind of astounds me The amount of time you take to knock us, when in your heart of hearts, you would sell your soul to the devil to be a part of this promotion!

There isn’t a Wrestler alive today Who would not want to be part of the hottest wrestling promotion in the world, be on television, and be in front of the most passionate fans in the world.

So to finish this because I need to get going, I say to all you bitter motherf***ers …..

I wish you all the best of luck, and I do hope you find happiness, even the people who write the dirt sheets and speak bad about us, if journalism is your passion, it would be awesome if you got a break someday, become somebody famous for writing a book or a screenplay, but you have proven Time and time again that you just don’t get it, and if any of you did, well, you would be part of the show wouldn’t you?

?Thank you family for reading this, thank you Lucha underground for everything, everybody have a great day, be safe enjoy life, and to the haters go eat a bowl of Dicks!


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