Update On Cena Missing WWE Live Event, CM Punk Rips Ryan Braun For Drug Use

December 31, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

-To add one note to the story we reported earlier today regarding John Cena being pulled from the WWE live event in Portland on Friday, despite being advertised by the company up until the day of the show, apparently WWE again offered refunds to fans who attended the show that felt ripped off with Cena not appearing as advertised.

Cena missed last week’s WWE weekend live event due to his elbow injury as well, and WWE offered refunds to those fans as well.

-Yahoo! Sports has an article up on their website today featuring the “straight-edge” WWE performer himself, CM Punk, ripping baseball star Ryan Braun for his announced performance-enhancing drug use during baseball season. You can check out that story online at Yahoo.com.

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