Police use stun gun three times on grandmother marking her 70th birthday

December 30, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Police struck a woman three times with a stun gun on her 70th birthday after she denied them entry into her home to search for her grandson, documents show.

Barbara Pinkney from Manatee County, Florida was charged with obstruction and battery on a law enforcement officer on Thursday, according to an affidavit seen by NBC News.

Authorities were searching for her grandson Tevin Turner, who was wanted for a probation violation.

The documents say Turner had listed his grandmother’s address as his own, but Ms Pinkney told NBC affiliate WFLA he wasn’t living there.

She said she was scared when police came to her door early Thursday morning and she was “hollering” as she “didn’t know what else to do”.

NBC News reported Ms Pinkney demanded a search warrant but the officer at her door said an arrest warrant had already been obtained and she would be arrested if Turner was inside.

When she still refused to open the door, the officer tried to force the door open.

He reportedly grabbed her wrist while she tried to keep the door shut and told her she was going to jail.

Ms Pinkney can be seen trying to close her front door as officers rush in and push her to the floor in a video recorded by one of her relatives and posted on social media.

She told ABC Action News: “He just pushed his way in. Somehow or another he grabbed my arm, I don’t know how that happened but he grabbed my arm. Next thing I know I heard a bang. He shot me in my arm.”

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Ms Pinkney can later be seen being led out of her home by officers in handcuffs.

According to Florida law, officers are allowed to gain entry inside a home after they announce their purpose in order to make an arrest.