NXT Recap (8/28): Street Profits Defend The Gold Against Undisputed Era, Dijakovic Battles Lee, Rhea Ripley Appears

November 15, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Tonight’s episode of NXT took place at Full Sail University from Winter Park, Florida.

A video package highlighting tonight’s main event matchup, where the Street Profits will defend the NXT tag team championship against the Undisputed Era’s Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly.

Intro song.

Mauro Ranallo, Beth Phoenix, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT. Io Shirai makes her way to the ring for our opening contest. She’ll be battling…Cami Fields.

Io Shirai versus Cami Fields

Shirai explodes out of her corner with a dropkick, then follows up with a corner elbow. Fields fights back, but walks into a running haymaker. Back body drop attempt from Fields…Shirai lands on her feet…stiff palm strike. Fields falls to the corner…double knees connects. Shirai climbs to the top…moonsault. Shirai has the match won but instead stops the pin and applies a leg scissor clutch. Fields taps.

Io Shirai wins by submission

Post match, Shirai reaches under the ring and pulls out a kendo stick. Candice LeRae runs from behind and grabs the stick out of Shirai’s hands. She connects with a few shots before Shirai flees the ring. Shirai looks enraged at the top of the entrance path.

Backstage…Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish shadowbox in preparation for their title opportunity. Commentary tells us that an exclusive sit-down interview with former NXT UK champion Pete Dunne will air. Coming up later…a career retrospective on Johnny Gargano.

Preview for NXT UK Takeover Cardiff, which airs this Saturday on the WWE Network.

Vignette on KUSHIDA plays showing the Japanese sensation’s dominance since joining the roster. The question is asked…who is next for KUSHIDA?

Keith Lee is out next for his showdown with Dominik Dijakovic. Fans give Lee a war ovation. Dijakovic is second. This is going to be great.

Keith Lee versus Dominik Dijakovic

Lee shows off some cockiness taunting Dijakovic before they tie-up. Grapple to start. Dijakovic lands the matches first strikes. Lee responds with right hands. Pace picks up…shoulder block from Lee. He targets Dijakovic’s chest with his signature double-chop, then bounces off the ropes…Dijakovic catches him with the cyclone boot. He tries to pick Lee up in a suplex but Lee blocks it. Back elbow, followed by a discus forearm. Dijakovic dumps Lee to the apron. Lee takes control and attempts to smash Dijakovic’s head into the turnbuckle…Dijakovic won’t let him…slingshot crossboy by Lee for a nearfall. Lee’s building up momentum. Huge lariat for another two count. Fight spills to the outside. Referee starts counting…this is how their last bout ended…Lee breaks the count and tosses Dijakovic back inside. Dijakovic takes advantage and nails Lee with chops and a big boot. Lee falls back to the outside. Tope dive from Dijakovic connects. He quickly climbs to the top…Lee catches him! Dijakovic struggles and manages to counter into a suplex. He goes back to the top…moonsault! Cover…Lee kicks out.

Both men on the top now. Lee sets up Dijakovic for a Spanish-Fly…he gets it! DIJAKOVIC KICKS OUT. Full Sail is going crazy. Lee tries to climb again but Dijakovic meets him near the middle rope…Lee elbows Dijakovic down. He’s going for a moonsault…Dijakovic kicks out Lee’s leg…he’s got Lee in position for Feast Your Eyes…it lands! It’s over.

Dominik Dijakovic wins by pinfall

Commentary takes us to a career retrospective video on Johnny Gargano. Clips include highlights of Gargano’s run with DIY, including when they defeated the Revival for the NXT tag team championship at Takeover Toronto. This leads into Ciampa’s betrayal at Takeover Chicago, and Gargano’s transition to a singles star, with Gargano becoming NXT’s first triple-crown title winner in the brand’s history. Footage ends following his epic matchup with Adam Cole at Takeover Toronto II. Back to the commentary table…Maura Ranallo puts over how important Gargano has been for NXT, as he is the heart and soul. Shane Thorne appears yelling at Ranallo, Phoenix, and McGuinness, saying that Gargano is nothing, and that people should be talking about him. Ranallo says they need to take a break.

Commercial for WWE shop.

Flashback to last week when Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke’s attacked on Mia Yim following her matchup. Footage of Yim going to General Manager William Regal is shown. Yim begs Regal for another shot at Baszler. Regal says that Yim had her chance, and that she had it coming since she attacked Duke and Shafir prior to her title opportunity.

Back to Full Sail…Baszler, Shafir, and Duke make their way to the ring. Baszler is about to speak when RHEA RIPLEY’s MUSIC HITS! She’s here! Crowd is going nuts! Baszler can’t believe it. Ripley gets on the microphone. “I know what you’re going to say. You’re going to say that you’ve beaten everybody here…but you haven’t beaten me bitch.” Ripley drops the mic to a huge pop. Baszler and the Horsewomen all exit before anything physical happens. Segment ends.

Cut to an interview with former NXT UK champion Pete Dunne. He says that everyone is on notice. He goes where he wants…when he wants. Just because he’s back in NXT doesn’t mean he’s done with the UK division. Dunne blames Velveteen Dream for stopping the referee’s count during their triple-threat title match, claiming that he should be the North American champion. He still has Dream in his sights.

Advertisement for WWE 2K20.

Announced for next week…Velveteen Dream faces Kona Reeves in a non-title matchup, and Adam Cole defends the NXT championship against NXT Breakout tournament winner, Jordan Myles.

Main event time. Undisputed Era make their way out first. The champs are second. Here we go.

Undisputed Era versus Street Profits for the NXT tag team championship

Fish and Ford begin. Tie-up. Both men trade wristlocks. Drop toe hold by Fish…he transitions into a neck crank. O’Reilly tags in and continues to target the neck. Ford manages to create separation and tags in Dawkins. Big shoulder block and powerslam in succession from Dawkins. Fish comes in…Dawkins drops him, then brings back in Ford who connects with a flush dropkick. Tandem offense by the Street Profits. Dawkins lifts Ford and drops him on Undisputed Era. They reset. Ford ends up on the apron…superkick to Fish and a PK to O’Reilly. Ford nails a slingshot crossbody for a nearfall. O’Reilly slows Ford down with strikes to the back. Fish starts going after the leg. Dragon screw and shin breaker in succession. Undisputed Era utilize quick tags to keep the pressure on Ford. Eventually he’s able to make the hot tag to Dawkins.

Double lariat from the big guy. He back body drops O’Reilly, who then falls to the opposite corner as Fish. Spinning splash to both men. Fish looks dazed…big spear from Dawkins with pin…only two. Dawkins gets taken down with a German suplex. O’Reilly, who blindly tagged in, hits a chop block, then chase the dragon. All four men are down. This leads to an epic back and forth striking in the center…double-dragon screw from Undisputed Era to Ford, who’s leg is very weak. Dawkins and O’Reilly go at it. Powerslam attempt but O’Reilly counters into a triangle submission…Dawkins powers out and hits a buckle bomb. Ford back in. Uranagi! Dawkins climbs…frog splash connects! Cover…Fish pulls O’Reilly out of the ring to breakup the pin. Back in the ring Ford is looking for the Frog Splash…Undisputed Era isolate the Profits away from each other. High Low! Cover…it’s over. New champs.

Undisputed Era win by pinfall and are the new NXT tag team champions

Adam Cole and Roderick Strong join Fish and O’Reilly in the ring to celebrate their third title reign. Crowd can’t believe it. The Profits look stunned.

That’s the show friends.

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