Nikki Bella On Rumors Of Becoming Smackdown GM, Women Standing Up to Harassers, DWTS Exit

September 27, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

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WWE and Total Divas star Nikki Bella recently spoke with Rolling Stone, and below are some interview highlights:

Has this week been the most chaotic of your career?

“It would have been if I was still on Dancing With the Stars, but even launching Birdiebee and promoting Total Divas and coming off of Total Bellas, it’s definitely one of the busiest weeks?”

Was there measure of relief that you could pivot from DWTS and focus on everything else?

“Actually, no. Because I’m so fortunate to have Brie and be in all these ventures with her, I really wanted to keep on dancing. I’m still a little bit in shock and sad, but I was having a lot of fun.”

What has it been like to watch women in entertainment stand up to their harassers, and have you observed conduct like that?

“In my world, I’ve only experienced having equality and trying to be where the men are at. I appreciate all the women who speak, because it’s hard to come out and use your voice. It makes me sad that women have gone through that, because I’ve been fortunate enough not to go through that. Wanting to be equal—that’s what I’ve gone through. I have to applaud [those women]and pray that one day it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, and I hope we get there sooner than later.”

And per those rumors, might we see you as a female SmackDown GM soon?

[Laughs] “I’m not gonna lie, I totally pitched hard to do that. The company thought it was a great idea, but creatively at the time it wasn’t going to work out because I did sign on with Dancing With the Stars and no one knew yet, so it was going to be too short of a run. But they were positive about it, so I’m hoping that door stays open. I would love to come back and be a bad guy. I feel like I’m where John stands — I’m better used as a good guy. But can you imagine me coming back as a bad girl and having some fun with Shane [McMahon]? It would just be amazing. So we’ll see.”

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