More on Vince McMahon's Thoughts on "Talking Smack" & Which Episode He Didn't Like

December 2, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns
  • As noted before, WWE canceled the weekly “Talking Smack” show last week, reportedly due to a Vince McMahon decision. Technically, the show hasn’t been canceled but instead “scaled back” after Vince was unhappy with the 7/11 show and overall, the show wasn’t doing great numbers on the WWE network, despite being a first-run show.

  • WWE sources deny that the story floating around that Vince “hates” Talking Smack. The source added that Vince doesn’t even watch it but gets a weekly report each Wednesday. The only episode which apparently didn’t sit well with McMahon was the 5/23 show where the New Day appeared after Kofi Kingston was cleared to return to the ring. Vince felt that the team’s first Tuesday appearance should have happened on Smackdown rather than Talking Smack.

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