Lance Storm Shares Ric Flair WrestleMania 18 Story, Says They Almost Had An Empty Arena Match At Skydome

November 11, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

WWE producer and former Intercontinental champion Lance Storm recently shared an exciting old story on his Twitter recalling a time Ric Flair asked him to have an empty arena match at the Skydome in preparation for the Nature Boy’s showdown with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 18. Storm admits that he usually don’t express excitement, but he was ecstatic at the thought of facing Flair in a match that would be “just for them.” He eventually reveals that the bout was unable to happen because the ring wouldn’t be set up in time. Check it out below.

With empty building #SmackDownOnFox behind us, I thought I would share one of my favourite wrestling stories. In the lead up to WrestleMania X8 Ric Flair had asked me to work out with him in the ring to help him get back into shape for his match with the Undertaker. Ric is super nice and was all, “If you don’t mind” “I would really appreciate it” while I’m thinking (I hadn’t yet had the 1 match with Ric I later would) “What time do I need to be there, and who do I have to kill to be able to get in the ring with Ric F’n Flair.

We worked out in the afternoon a time or 2 before TV which was cool. The week before Mania Ric again came to me and said they are going to have the ring up at SkyDome in Toronto the whole week of Fan Axxess and he’d like to go in and have a full 20-30 min match before Mania. He again was super modest, not wanting to impose as he asked me if I’d be willing to go in and have a long match with him in the empty SkyDome. It’s a running joke with people that know me that I don’t really get excited, I look forward to thinks but excited isn’t really me.

Well I was excited about this one. I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning, a school girls who just got asked to prom? I told Ric he could call me day or night and I would drop everything and get my ass to the SkyDome to do as many matches with him as he liked. I was already writing the chapter of my biography in my head about the greatest/coolest match of my career that no one would ever see. It was just going to be me and the greatest of all time in the giant empty SkyDome doing what we both love. It was going to be so awesome.

I spent the whole week checking my phone constantly waiting for the call. Finally Saturday afternoon I got the call from Ric and was told that unfortunately the ring would not be up until Sunday morning and we wouldn’t be able to have our match. I was so disappointed and while I don’t think it’s technically a regret, it is the one thing I would change if I could go back and change anything from my career. I’d go back and wrestle The Nature Boy in a match just for us, that no one would ever see. #BeSafeEveryone

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