Ken Shamrock Interview: How He Would Beat Brock Lesnar In MMA & More

December 28, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

WGD Weekly with Ken Shamrock
Hosts: Steve & The Scum
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Ken on his feelings of MMA and how his legacy is viewed today: “I helped create this sport; it’s almost like a child of mine. Just like many of the other guys who were in it in the beginning they cherish it and nurture it also. So I understand the comments that were made by some people who feel they don’t get the respect they deserve because they have been there in the beginning.”

Ken on his childhood and how he got started in MMA/Wrestling: “Well I started in juvenile hall I ended up getting stabbed at the age of 10, went back and forth in placements then got adopted by my father at the age of 12 who was Bob Shamrock who passed away 10 years ago. He was the one who drove me to become the man I am today. He instilled in me my passion …I was able to become a world champion because of the desire and the non-quit that he instilled in me.”

Ken feelings on Brock Lesnar and how he would go about facing him in the octagon: “I felt that when Brock Lesnar was brought into the UFC he was brought in wrong. I thought if they would have given him time to nurture and dealing with the media and onslaught of main event fights. I thought that some of the matches that he did lose he would’ve lost if he was able to go against guys at his level. The way I would attack is taking him into the later rounds. I think that he has two left feet when it comes to his stand up. He really does have real good technique, he’s slow…make him use a lot of energy with his punches and keep moving.”

Ken Shamrock also discuss his thoughts on refereeing  the WrestleMania 13 match (Bret vs. Austin), the prank that Owen Hart pulled on him, feelings on Dana White, who’s ankle he shattered in the UFC during a fight and much more in this exclusive 2hr interview.

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