Josh Mathews Talks About Commentary Process In WWE, Signing With TNA

December 15, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

The following are highlights of a new Josh Mathews interview:

On receiving an ear bashing from Vince whilst on commentary: “He definitely is on and he is at every show, he is always listening to every word that the commentators are saying. There were conversations every night, he was a very hands on kind of producer.”

On joining TNA: “It’s been a great move for me, I feel more invested in this company than I was in WWE for 13 years and I’ve only been here for a matter of months so that is a really odd feeling to have. I’m learning the different parts of the business, the commentary aspect well I love it, it’s only one part of what I do, it’s only one part of what I’m capable of doing.”

On the TNA roster: “I said it the day I came here and I will say it again now, I think you can put our roster up against any other roster and we are either on par or a little bit better – I think the roster here is just incredible.”

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