Jinder Mahal Talks About His WWE Release

December 21, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Former WWE Superstar Jinder Mahal spoke to Slam Wrestling this week and says he was caught off guard when WWE told him he was being released.

“I was surprised, because we were pretty well booked on everything. We were on a lot of the live events, a lot of the overseas tours. We were always on Raw and Smackdown, and if we weren’t, we would do Superstars or Main Event in the week. So yeah, I was surprised.”

Despite the career setback, Mahal plans to continue wrestling and will be using the ring name he used in Calgary prior to signing with WWE, Raj Singh. Fans who miss 3MB can still see two of them together, since Mahal and Drew McIntyre are taking bookings together.

“I want to keep wrestling. I’m still young and I would like to go back to WWE someday and accomplish things that I never got to do, work with people that I never got to work with.”

“Me and Drew are taking bookings together. Yeah, there is a lot of interest because we’re fresh off TV, and we were tag teaming on TV, and we spent a fair amount of TV time together. There’s no limit. We want to wrestle everywhere, all over the world. We’re excited, both young and hungry. We both want to work our tails off and some day, one day, get back to the WWE.”

Mahal says he’s looking forward to showing fans a side of himself he wasn’t able to display in WWE and is open to wrestling for Ring of Honor or New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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