Jim Ross Blogs About Last Night's WWE RAW

December 12, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog at JRsbarBQ.com with his thoughts on last night’s WWE RAW. Here are the highlights of what he said about:

The Divas: “Charlotte needs the women’s spotlight which will facilitate the ‘chase’ from the other women who seek to be champion. Seems as if WWE is trying to get too many of the ladies over at one time and that won’t work. They have assembled the best female roster in the company since the Attitude Era nonetheless. In a nutshell,  I guess I expected more from the WWE women on this episode of RAW as they have become one of the freshest aspects of the show.”

John Cena’s US Open Challenge Returns: “Would have  liked for the US Title Challenge to have returned with more impact. Cena can breath new life into this championship as he did before he lost it to Rollins.”

Reigns vs. Wyatt Main Event: “Enjoyed the physicality of the main event between Reigns and Wyatt but wasn’t wild about the countout but at least WWE attempted to add to the closing visual of a brawl which helped me somewhat. Plus the main event segment felt fresh.”

Head over to JRsBarBQ.com to read the full blog.

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