Jim Ross Blog: Batista's WWE Return, TNA, Wade Barrett, More

December 28, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

The following are highlights from a new online blog by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On Batista’s WWE return: “Good to hear WWE talk of Batista’s return on January 20. Dave is a major player and WWE has the opportunity to capitalize on his established reputation and accomplishments. Hopefully, there is a long term, strategic plan for ‘The Animal’ that has been established.”

On Daniel Bryan, Goldust, Cody Rhodes and The Wyatt Family: “6 man tag with Rhodes Brothers and Daniel Bryan vs. the Wyatt Family seemingly did what it was supposed to do. Reasons the match worked…there is an established story and the talents had the ring time to tell said story. No fan favorites are executing better in WWE, IMO, than the Rhodes boys and Bryan.”

On TNA and three-man announce teams: “On a recent interview, I mentioned that one of the reasons that I had no interest in going to TNA was that I had no desire in affecting the chemistry of broadcasters Mike Tenay and Taz. Yes, a three man booth would obviously be possible but I’m not a big fan of three man announce teams in pro wrestling, as a rule. Mike and Taz do a great job especially when they are on point calling holds, near falls, etc and keeping a ‘sports feel’ on the in ring action. They certainly don’t need me. I did enjoy the three man announce team of McMahon, King, and me back in the day. It’s good having the boss sitting right next to you as it helps greatly with communication and creative direction. In those days, a quick huddle, so to speak, during commercial breaks was timely and efficient. With that said and as I’ve mentioned here before, I see my broadcasting days in pro wrestling aka sports entertainment as history. It’s time to do other things that interest me and my style of play by play really doesn’t fit in today’s genre.”

On Wade Barrett: “I’d still like to see William Regal associated with “Bad News” Barrett, in some manner, of whose new, TV persona I haven’t quite understood as of yet. I applaud Barrett getting some TV time because that’s where it all starts and am anxious to see where his creative journey takes him. The talented Brit has a marketable upside, IMO.”

Check out the complete blog online at JRsBarBQ.com.

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