Jazz On Racism In WWE, Hulk Hogan's Return, WWE Moving Away From "Diva"

November 20, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Former WWE performer Jazz recently spoke with the folks from Solo Wrestling for an in-depth interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On her time in WWE and winning the women’s title: “Yes, I promise I probably would have had more title reigns, but unfortunately, things didn’t work between us. But I definitely was one of the most dominant heels in — I believe — in the history of WWE. You know, right now they have some women, they have phenomenal girls there. I mean, Charlotte Flair, great heel. I would love to have been there, in this era. I think I was before my time, I would fit perfect with this era.”

On WWE moving away from “Diva”: “The best decision they ever made. Because I never considered myself a Diva.”

On if she left WWE due to racism: “Honestly, I don’t know. I mean, everybody has their own intuition on how WWE treat their talent other than caucasian talent, but it’s a lot of politics involved. I’m not gonna say ‘it’s racism’ or whatever, but it’s a lot of politics involved and I’m not the type of person who involve myself with politicking. So maybe it just wasn’t for me.”

On if WWE invited her to the all-women’s Evolution PPV: “No, I was somewhere else defending the NWA championship. I make my own evolution, I don’t need WWE to be part of my evolution. I am the ‘Fighting Phenom,’ I create my own legacy. I don’t need anyone putting a word in front of my name, I make my own way.”

On Hulk Hogan’s return to WWE: “Again, with WWE you can never say what you will do. Hogan, of course, is one of the best in history. In WWE, Vince’s opinion is the one that matters. If he wants him back, he’ll be back.”

Check out the complete Jazz interview at SoloWrestling.com.