Hornswoggle Speaks On Stealing The Show At Extreme Rules, El Torito & More

December 22, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

The following are highlights of a new Appleton Post-Crescent interview with Hornswoggle:

On when fans starting taking him seriously: “Man, I still don’t think they do,” he said. “I get four, five tweets literally every day saying, ‘Why do you still have a job?’ And I guess it’s staying under the radar more than anything (laughs). I really think this whole storyline and these matches with (El) Torito has really made people look at me like, wow, he can do this.”

On stealing the show at Extreme Rules in the “WeeLC” match: “Before this, I really didn’t have matches. I’d wrestle a little boogeyman or I’d juggle around or use squirt guns, but now I’m having legit wrestling matches. Our WeeLC match at Extreme Rules stole the show. I don’t care what anyone says. It was a pre-show to the pay-per-view and I will go to bat for that match against any match that was on that night. That match stole the show because people didn’t expect what we did and the crowd tore the roof off.”

“New Jersey fans are the most ruthless fans in the country for booing and hating on whatever’s in the ring if they don’t like it. We had them chanting, ‘This is awesome’ and ‘Holy (expletive)’ the whole match. That’s when I realized I can do this. It felt so good to finally have one of those moments after eight years. It was great and I really think people are starting to take me seriously and realize that I’m more than a circus act.”

Check out the complete interview at PostCrescent.com.

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