From Kim Kardashian to Oprah Winfrey, event planners to the stars reveal how to plan a celebrity-worthy wedding

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Image credit: Gianni di Natale
The excitement of planning a wedding can often get lost amongst the checklist of things to do—from choosing the venue, to editing your guest list and tasting the cake. From the practical to the psychological, Vogue mined the minds of the best planners in the business to find out their top tips. Discover the dos and don’ts of planning one’s wedding according to six of the best celebrity planners in the world—whose helping hands have calmed the likes of Anne Hathaway to Elton John. Décor, invitations, the couples’ preferences—these are the reserves of wedding designers of distinction. Here, they share their top tips to make sure the day is an affair to remember.

Pictured above: a wedding designed by Marcy Blum

Image credit: Gianni di Natale
Marcy Blum (@marcyblum)

Clients include: Billy Joel, LeBron James, the Rockefellers

“At a Jewish ceremony, there is a lovely tradition known as “yichud” where the couple spends ten to fifteen minutes alone together immediately following the ceremony and before they are deluged with their guests. We’ve had so many clients of all religions borrow this idea; it really helps to frame the rest of the day.”

“[For inspiration] I suggest architectural and décor/design magazines, museums and fashion. Think of the colours that you are naturally drawn to in your everyday life because it is more than likely that these are the colours that will make you feel most authentic at your wedding.”

Image credit: Sylvie Gil

Sharon Sacks (@sacks_productions)

Clients include: Kim Kardashian, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Kanye West

“Choose one of your favourite activities and make them a priority in the days leading up to your wedding. Whether it is walking, reading, journaling, meditating or working out—identify what relaxes you in your daily life and keep this a part of your routine so you will feel composed, rejuvenated and completely yourself!

If you are having a destination wedding, arrive four to five days in advance to acclimate your body to the weather, the time change, the food, and anything else that might be a shock to your system.”

“We recommend taking ‘mental snapshots’. A simple practice that can be so easy to forget, mental snapshots just ask that you stop, look around and capture that moment in your memory. Those mental snapshots will be etched in your mind for a lifetime, so be sure to include your fiancé in this practice so you can look back and cherish the fleeting moments together.”

“You can find and refine your colour palette and wedding vibe in everyday life through architecture, hotels, fashion shows, and travel magazines. When in doubt, tap into your personal style: take note of what you feel most comfortable wearing, how you tend to decorate your home, or what kind of aesthetics and moods fill up your vision boards.”

Image credit: Sylvie Gil

A wedding designed by Sharon Sacks

Image credit: Bayleigh Vedelago

Georgie Duddy (@aftertherockweddings)

Clients include: Nicole Warne, Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards

“Give yourself a deadline to have everything done two weeks before your wedding. If you can, take off a few days of work before the wedding to really switch off. And of course, eat nourishing food and get some good sleep before the big day.”

“[For inspiration] start at home and in your wardrobe. What labels do you wear? What do they represent? What are your favourite restaurants to go to? This will give you a feel for who you are.”

“Invest in the things that are important to you. If you are a food enthusiast, make the food and drink a key feature by including cocktails, champagne and live food stations. If you are a private couple and prefer small dinner parties to large cocktail parties, then have a smaller wedding. If you are paper-obsessed, invest in beautiful invitations and if not, opt for a stylish website.”

Image credit: Bayleigh Vedelago

A wedding designed by Georgie Duddy

Image credit:
Click Here: Arsenal FC JerseysColin Cowie (@colincowie)

Clients include: Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Elton John

“On the food and beverage side, we’re seeing the rise of vegan options and locally sourced meals, as well as expert mixologists to create signature cocktails. On the floral side, understated and untraditional flowers can go a long way. Modern and clean styles over traditional and opulent are becoming the new look. For colour palettes, coral for summer and emerald, navy and matte gold for winter are my personal favourites.”

“I always tell my clients that their wedding is about them and their DNA. Trends become outdated. Your special day is about you and your statement of personal style. Your DNA is your trend!”

“Be a guest at your own wedding so you can enjoy your special day with your friends and family. One of my favourite new practices is having a phone-free ceremony so that everyone is present, rather than experiencing the celebration from behind a screen.”

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A wedding designed by Colin Cowie

Image credit: Valorie Darling

Mindy Weiss (@mindyweiss)

Clients include: Ellen DeGeneres, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum.

“I suggest couples hire their wedding planner within the first month of getting engaged. Doing this ensures the couple doesn’t make any quick decisions about the wedding that may not be what they ultimately want in the end.

“[When planning a wedding] the best place to start is with wishes and hopes for the wedding day. Getting a clear vision of what the couple wants, expectations, guest count and budget will help determine where we go from there.” 

“I recommend couples steer clear of the garter and bouquet toss traditions. Don’t stop the energy and dancing for that, and don’t call out your single guests. Just keep enjoying the party throughout the night!”

Image credit: John Labbe

Preston Bailey (@prestonrbailey)

Clients include: Oprah Winfrey, Donna Karan, Uma Thurman

“Allocate budget on creating a space that the guest will never forget. They might forget the food or the music, but my hope as a designer is to never let them forget the environment. What better way to tell this story than with flowers, lighting and videos?”

“I truly believe there is no such thing as tacky or cliché—if the bride and groom love it, it’s good enough for me!”

This article originally appeared in Vogue Australia’s Brides 2019 issue.