Air India Shocker: Trainee Pilots Say Instructor Threatened To Hit Them With Axe While Flying

December 30, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Air India has acted against one of its senior commanders for allegedly threatening to hit trainee pilots with a “crash axe” on more than one occasion while flying.

The airline received complaints from two trainee pilots, one claiming that the trainer took out the axe — kept on board to break open the cockpit door in case the aircraft meets with a mishap and the exits are jammed — and kept it on the controls while threatening to hit him.

Another trainee pilot also complained of being threatened with an axe. An AI spokesman said: “The captain (is) not to exercise the privileges of type rated instructor (Airbus) with effect from February 28, 2018 until further notice.” The captain was recently given a limited release pending the outcome of the investigation.