Window Shades Can Be Personalized

on March 14th, 2014 by admin

Personalizing Your Window Shades

Personalization is great because it allows us all to stand out from the crowd. You can personalize almost everything and that includes window shades.

For most people, a regular window shade is enough but there are a select few out there who want something completely unique to them.

Some of the personalization you can do is very affordable while others will add significantly to the cost of the shades. One of the newest and most popular options is printing.

You can have your shades printed with your name or logo or even family portrait.

We recommend that you check with your manufacturer on which kinds of window shade fabrics can be printed on. Check out the low prices at blinds milwaukee , blinds baltimore , blinds indianapolis , blinds lincoln , blinds nashville , blinds wichita and blinds to go. If for any reason you need more go to levolor , bali blinds , blinds mesa , blinds santa ana , blinds denver , and window blinds chicago . More selection and styles can be seen by clicking on these links blinds buffalo , blinds houston , blinds minneapolis , blinds Fort Lauderdale , and window treatment ideas .

As you can see, personalization can be done to almost anything and you too can stand out.

Protect Your Privacy With Window Curtains

on March 7th, 2014 by admin

How to Protect Your Privacy with Window Treatments

Protecting your privacy is very important in today’s world.

We constantly hear about the crazy things happening right in our backyards without us having a single clue.

It is so hard knowing that you really don’t know your neighbors or what they are about.

With this in mind, it is important that you protect your home’s privacy.

One great window treatment for this purpose is blackout shades. This type of window shade is great for privacy because it blocks all light from coming in.

That means that nobody can look through your windows and inside your home.

Blackout shades are very popular in bedrooms for this reason.

Installing them in living rooms and other places is a good idea if you want total privacy. You can get a huge collection of window blinds if you go online and buy them from this site over here at and

Hold on to your horses when trying to measure, make sure to take your time and read more info over at and

They even have energy efficient solar shades that will start your day correct and you can view and browse through these collections at and Make your decisions and you will be happy with your new window shades or blinds.

PRDFF Recommend Illusion Shades For Your Office

on February 19th, 2014 by admin

The other day we were shopping online and found a great online store. We decided to order samples and a couple of weeks later had great window blinds inside our office. The funny thing is that all of our neighbors got the same window treatments that we got.

You can shop for these window blinds and more at They sell all type of window coverings like faux, horizontal or wooden blinds. Next time you are looking for blinds, go online first.

We even learned about their cheap and discount blinds that are called vertical plastic blinds, made from 3 1/2″ slats and are durable and easy to clean. While there you can learn to measure for sunscreen or sheerweave and phifer window curtains. These curtains as well as black out or room dim out can keep out all light.

If you want some blinds for your smart phone that you can control with your phone, look into motorized window curtains. I dare you to have an open mind and look into their roll up curtains that are made from different fabrics and can be custom made to very wide sizes and measurements. You will be all set, if you get roman or bamboo curtains that can be made with blackout material or screen objects.

They have sales on bamboo blinds that are natural and roll up just like roller shades and others. Dedicate yourself and you will have enough blinds for days.


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poolaRedesigning your home can be a fun and rewarding experience. You can start with small things around your home such as the outside furniture, paint, etc. I am here to tell you about pools. If you have an average sized backyard, a pool can give you the opportunity to add value and aesthetic appeal to your home. We all know how much fun pools can be. An added bonus to a pool as I mentioned is home design. Building a pool in your backyard will help you freshen up your home’s appearance. Think about all the cool accessories that you can get for the pool.

I cannot stress how much value my pool added to my home. It allowed us to splurge a little on ourselves and our kids but also added to its worth. So if we want to sell the home in the future, this pool will help us add value. The design of a pool is also important because it can make your backyard appear larger. Consider different shapes and types of pools before making your decision. Having a nice pool in your backyard also with blackout shades inside your home can be a great combination. After a long day in the sun you will not want sun inside your home(i would get roman shades or roller blinds) which is why you should get blackout shades from the It’s always fun to tell your kids or significant other that you are in the market for a pool. Or you can get some window blinds like these wooden blinds for windows and cheap window blinds. Moreover, you can get solar blinds and black out shades for your home or electric blinds if you want the latest blinds. Also, they sell a window shade that is for bamboo roman shades and custom roman shades too.  So remember to think about the different options and you will be set. I love hanging out by my pool. Even to bother my husband, I buy cheap wedding dresses with sleeves, I usually buy them at Say Yes Wedding Dresses an online bridal store that sells discounted dresses, you can check them out here, about every 3 years online and wear it by the pool. Just to case that look in his eyes when he sees me by the pool. It’s really nice to see the love he has for me and more importantly the love I have for my wedding dresses! I actually like to keep a collection of all these gowns and have over 5 or 6 now.


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